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Bandar Bukit Raja

“ Perfect”
Buying a home in Bandar Bukit Raja is a really smart investment for me. A nice house, a nice neighbourhood, what more could I ask for? It is well connected to major highways, so commuting to and from KL is easy and convenient. In short, perfect!
En. Azam Faez Arshad,
Technical Engineer,
At home in Bandar Bukit Raja

“Nice neighbourhood”
We are so happy to live here. It’s a nice neighbourhood and the people are pleasant. And the fact that it is so near to where I work is a big bonus. I think all of my colleagues should live here. Best thing of all, I'm already enjoying appreciation in my property's value. Yahoo!
Mr. Lim Chin Horng,
At home in Bandar Bukit Raja since 2010

“ I love it”
My heart is right where it belongs. The neighbours are nice and the green environment provides me with calmness. With excellent amenities available, everything that I need is just within reach. I love it!
Pn. Nor Lina Mohd Rais,
At home in Bandar Bukit Raja since 2013

Shankaran A/L Ramasomdram
Strong Community Spirit
Appreciate being part of a multiracial community with a strong community spirit.
“We bought our house for many reasons. First, my wife and I were impressed by the design and we chose the location because of the proximity to my parents who live in Setia Alam. We also like the individuality of Sime Darby Property houses. The houses on my street have different exterior aspects while other developers have their houses identical. The reasonable price was another factor why we bought the house. The interior layout is adaptable too. I can open up or close off the sliding door in the living room to set aside a separate education corner for my kids to study. We also liked the convenience of nearby facilities – the primary and secondary schools, polyclinic, library, shop lots, as well as the security and safety provided by the police and firefighters. I even have two lakes nearby my house. Being a marathon runner, I find it safe to run in my housing area. We enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle here. Living here has definitely enriched our lives.”
Shankaran A/L Ramasomdram
Government Officer
Paloma, Bandar Bukit Raja
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