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Bukit Jelutong

Planned and developed in the early nineties, Bukit Jelutong still remains at the forefront of new home designs. It is known for placing as much emphasis on the planning and design of the environment as it does on the architectural design and aesthetics of the homes built.
In its essence, Bukit Jelutong was envisioned as a resplendent township with parks, gardens and green open spaces for residents to enjoy. These public spaces help nurture a symbiotic relationship with the outdoors where residents experience, appreciate and care for the green spaces provided. Initially described as ‘resort living a world away from the cares of the city and the suburbs’, Bukit Jelutong now offers so much more.

Living in Bukit Jelutong offers a unique feeling of belonging and sense of contentment, in which desires are fulfilling. The landscaped green open spaces, the gentle slopes, the generous shade of the rainforest trees and the design-like quality of the palms appear connected with the private gardens of the residents homes - creating a meandering carpet of lush and diverse flora.

Homes that are aesthetically designed with ample spaces offer a welcoming atmosphere to Bukit Jelutong.
Bukit Jelutong has the distinction of being the premier township in the state of Selangor. It is also one of the state’s most sought after residential addresses and one of the most reputable in Greater KL.

Its dedication to offering livability enhanced designs has given Bukit Jelutong its award winning recognition for best neighbourhood and sustainable commercial development and town planning.

Mr. Leong Weng Kit and Family
A Nice Place To Live
Bukit Jelutong is a nice place to live for a family man like myself.
“Apart from being within our budget, we moved to Bukit Jelutong because of the intimate neighbourhood feel within such a vast development. Everything is well laid out and planned. There are plenty of open spaces and there is hardly any traffic in Bukit Jelutong, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get around. The highway is nearby and once you are on the interchange it is easy to get access to Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the Klang Valley. The community here is also closely knit. It is safe for my children to walk to school which is just 5 minutes away. We can go cycling or jogging safely and we really enjoy the peace and quiet here.”
Mr. Leong Weng Kit and Family
Serambi Precinct, Bukit Jelutong
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