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Chemara Hills

A warmth that invokes a return to the nostalgic days where everyone knows their neighbours; a community of healthy and natural spaces; an enclave so wholesome and distinct it fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie between residents. Chemara Hills, where memories are cherished, and new ones are made, every day.
Humanist Philosophies Inspire Modern Contentment
Nestled against the lush slopes of Chemara Hills, this affluent gated sanctuary offers charming homes complemented by 24-hour security services. Elegance personified, the pleasant and welcoming ambiance of the enclave gives a hint of the rewarding lifestyle of the community beyond.

Nature’s Embrace Soothes The Urban Soul
Jogging and cycling paths meander around the serene lake in the heart of Chemara Hills, arboured by the draping branches of slender trees. Residents of all ages are free to roam and be inspired by the profusion of colours tingeing the gently-lapping waters of the breathtaking lake.

Fulfilling Relationships Spur Blossoming Ties
An architectural attraction in its own right, the glass walls of the Pavilion is the perfect vantage point to appreciate the pristine lake. This is the community heart for residents’ gatherings and casual meetings.
Diverse Choices For Discerning Tastes
Generous allocation of land for leisure and recreation are the hallmark of Chemara Hills. Located on a lushly landscaped plateau, the Central Park is a haven for children to roam free, while the gently-terraced Amphitheatre is a natural community centre, where residents can stroll, read, play and be entertained.

Restful Surroundings Prompt Peace And Serenity
Striking a balance between the tropical and the contemporary, Chemara Hills accentuates the beauty of Mother Nature while maintaining effortless modernity. Leafy canopy trees and blossoming shrubs populate the neighbourhood. Playgrounds and pocket parks scattered throughout makes the appreciation of natural beauty a mere stone’s throw from the homes.

Sophisticated Design Influences Contemporary Lifestyle
The philosophy of Chemara Hills is centred on balancing individualism and community. Each home is designed to entice various needs and desires. With a multitude of versatile layouts and green attractions, it is just natural to pursue a harmonious and modern lifestyle. 
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