Sustainable Communities

Operational Excellence

Objective & Target
Property Operational Excellence Vision
Sustainable Lean Six Sigma working culture embedded in the DNA of Sime Darby Property’s transformational business strategy blueprint.
Property Operational Excellence Mission
To be a leading property developer that champions and operationalises Lean Six Sigma in catalyzing business excellence.
Lean Six Sigma: 8 Waste Types
Efforts caused by rework, scrap, and incorrect information
Production that is more than needed or before it is needed
Wasted time waiting for the next step in a process
Non-Utilized Talent
Underutilizing people’s talents, skills, & knowledge
Unnecessary movements of products & materials
Excess products and materials not being processed
Unnecessary movements by people (e.g. walking)
More work or higher quality than is required by the customer
Our framework for LSS culture and governance, projects identification, strategy implementation and capacity building aims to deliver RM33 million of accumulated benefits by FY2017.

Total accumulated benefits achieved since 2013 is RM151.24 million.

Initiatives to support

100-day War on Waste (WoW) Kaizen Waste Elimination Challenge

KL East/Melawati & Wisma Guthrie Development
Corporate Communications Department
SJCC and SJ7 Development
Credit Management Project Team Received Consolation Prize During Group LSS Project Competition 
on 30 March 2016
Procurement and Credit Management Project Team received consolation prizes during PNB Innovation
& Quality Award Convention 2015
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