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At Sime Darby Property we embed sustainability into our business practices and our subsequent products and services. In doing so, we approach our mission of developing sustainable communities, by being mindful of the need to find a careful balance between the financial (prosperity), environmental (planet) and socio-economic (people) pillars of sustainability.
We aim to deliver value to all stakeholders whilst also balancing the needs of interested parties. We recognise that unlike general consumer-based industries where products may have a limited life-span, our main business of developing large-scale townships has a long-lasting impact and that this impact should be as positive as possible by minimising negative externalities such as environmental degradation and social marginalisation through the creation of socially and economically vibrant communities.
Sime Darby Property Sustainability Disclosure

The Sime Darby Property Sustainability Reports disclose our sustainability performance in accordance with ‘Core Level’ requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. The material sustainability issues have been addressed, either from a baseline perspective or in accordance with measureable terms. Every effort has been made to provide realistic, balanced and accurate disclosure of our sustainability performance. 

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Malaysian Threatened and Rare Tree Identification and Landscape Guideline

The publication of Malaysian Threatened and Rare Tree Identification and Landscape Guideline, aims to provide a semi-technical resource which can be used by current and future landscape architectural practitioners. The goals are to improve biological diversity conservation and increase the sectors’ knowledge on utilizing the species. It is our vision that through a growth in knowledge and awareness about these species and their potential benefits, that demand of such species will increase in urban landscape design.
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