Sustainable Communities

Water Management

To track and monitor operational water use and to identify and execute tangible and operationally-beneficial methods to reduce the use of water.
2020 Reduction Target
SDP has set itself an area-based and economic-based 2020 Potable Water Intensity Reduction Target of 5% for the two following potable water intensity baselines - 0.42m3/m2 and 922.4m3/RM million revenue.
Our Approach 
Since 2013, the company has been measuring the volume of potable water use in our operations. More recently (as above) intensity reduction targets were set to provide the company measurable targets to achieve by 2020. The primary focus is on the reduction of potable water use, whilst an improved understanding of non-potable water use is being established. Even though the reduction target is focused on operational water use, SDP has also placed focus on water efficient technology application within the townships that are developed by the company and also focus on water quality and healthy aquatic ecosystems.
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