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To track and monitor operational waste (otherwise termed process residue) and to identify and execute tangible and operationally-beneficial methods to reduce waste production.

2020 Reduction Target

SDP has set itself a 2020 Waste Intensity Reduction Target of 5% from a 2016 baseline. SDP has three types of intensity baselines according to business type i.e., for Property Development - 10.5kg/m², for Hospitality and Leisure - 5.0kg/guest, and for Asset Management 0.3kg/m².

Our Approach

From 2013 SDP began to systematically manage the issue of waste and its’ minimisation. This effort started with applying a waste tracking methodology through pilot approach at the company’s corporate office. Following piloting of a data collection template and development of a waste management guideline, the waste data collection process was extended to key business areas, such as Property Development, Hospitality & Leisure, and Asset Management to gather representative baselines. The purpose of this next step was to not only understand how much waste or process residue is produced through our operations but also to characterise the nature of waste to understand key waste categories toward formulating reduction strategies.

Moving past a general conceptualisation of waste, one of the key programs undertaken recently was called War on Waste (WoW), which sought to build awareness for the need to sustainably manage waste whilst executing projects that focused on reduction. The WoW approached the matter from a broad perspective where all types of waste (including non-material waste) were examined for minimisation opportunities under the concept of DOWNTIME (Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion and Extra Process).

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