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Battersea Power Station to Unveil New ‘Field Of Dreams’ Artwork By Claire Luxton For Spring/Summer Season!
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Battersea Power Station to Unveil New ‘Field Of Dreams’ Artwork By Claire Luxton For Spring/Summer Season
  • Battersea Power Station has partnered with British contemporary artist, Claire Luxton, and MTArt Agency to bring an immersive botanical inspired art installation to the London landmark.
  • Claire Luxton joins a line up of artists whose public artworks have been displayed at the riverside neighbourhood including David Hockney, Mr Brainwash and Freerk Wilbers.
  • The free-to-view artwork titled, ‘Field of Dreams’, will be unveiled at Battersea Power Station on Monday 29th April as part of the cultural experience celebrating the Spring/Summer fashion season.
  • Suspended from the ceiling of the Power Station’s Art Deco Turbine Hall A, ‘Field of Dreams’ emerges as an exploration of the intrinsic connection between nature, mental health and self-awareness.
  • For a limited time, the artwork will be accompanied by the ‘Botanical Atelier’ embroidery pop-up where shoppers can personalise new purchases with floral and botanical inspired designs by Claire Luxton, and embroiderers, The Lost Girls and Rosie Brain.

18th April 2024

Battersea Power Station
Portraits created by Claire Luxton inspired by the ‘Field of Dreams’ artwork, an exploration of the intrinsic connection between nature, mental health and self-awareness. (Credit: Field of Dreams 2024 by MTArt Artist Claire Luxton)

Battersea Power Station is delighted to announce that the Grade II* listed building will be home to, ‘Field of Dreams’, a brand new art installation by British contemporary artist, Claire Luxton, in partnership with MTArt Agency, this spring. The breathtaking artwork will be unveiled in Turbine Hall A on Monday 29th April 2024 as part of the riverside neighbourhood’s Spring/Summer fashion season.

Suspended from the ceiling of Battersea Power Station’s Art Deco Turbine Hall A, ‘Field of Dreams’ emerges as an exploration of the intrinsic connection between nature, mental health, and self- awareness. It encapsulates these themes within its towering 12-meter structure and 33 layers of intricately digitally printed fabric, which seem to both reveal and hide layers of the artwork as it is explored.

Battersea Power Station
This artwork is part of the cultural experience celebrating the Spring/Summer fashion season. (Credit: Field of Dreams 2024 by MTArt Artist Claire Luxton)

As the leading B Corp in the art world, MTArt Agency strives to integrate meaningful visual narratives in the cityscape. Claire Luxton’s Field of Dreams’ installation explores the importance of nature in nurturing mental health and invites viewers to embark on a sensory journey through its multifaceted layers, each representing a nuanced exploration of texture, depth, and colour. Inspired by scientific research that spending just short amounts of time immersed in nature can significantly reduce the stress hormone cortisol, the artwork becomes a sanctuary, a space for contemplation and renewal amidst the chaos of urban life.

At its core, Field of Dreams is a testament to the synthesis of modern digital practices with the timeless allure of historical tapestries and murals. Each layer of fabric reflects not only the vibrant hues of contemporary technology and the structure of digital layers, but also the intricate patterns and motifs reminiscent of ancient textile traditions. In this fusion of past and future, the artwork becomes a bridge, a nod to the enduring legacy of human creativity.

As the public navigates the evolving vantage points of ‘Field of Dreams’, they are offered different glimpses of the artwork and the layers and transparency of the fabric weave the artwork together. Amidst the layers of digitally printed fabric, a natural soundscape envelopes viewers, with the melodic trill of bird songs echoing through the air. This symphony of sound serves as a harmonious accompaniment to the visual spectacle, further immersing viewers in the tranquil beauty of the natural world. In ‘Field of Dreams’, viewers find not only a sanctuary for the senses but also a call to action, a call to prioritise moments of connection with nature and to cultivate a deeper understanding of oneself and one's place within the larger tapestry of existence.

Working in synergy with Claire Luxton, luxury florist Moyses Stevens, which has a shop and flower school at Battersea Power Station, supplied all the specific botanicals used in both the sculptural installation and the accompanying activations, paying homage to their nearly 150 years of floral craftsmanship history. Fashion brands, ME+EM and Theory, both of which have stores at Battersea Power Station, provided clothing for three portraits created by Claire Luxton which complement the Field of Dreams installation.

Battersea Power Station
As part of the exhibition, this portrait will be suspended from the ceiling of the Power Station’s Art Deco Turbine Hall A. (Credit: Field of Dreams 2024 by MTArt Artist ClaireLuxton)

Visitors’ senses will be enhanced further when exploring the artwork by Penhaligon’s ‘Halfeti’ fragrance, which will scent the installation with a rich and captivating aroma that blends fruits, spices, jasmine and rose, all while organic soundscapes echo across Battersea Power Station’s turbine halls. In Turbine Hall B, a digital artwork by Claire Luxton will also be on display on the bandstand, which hangs from the ceiling, and Searcys Champagne Bar, located in Turbine Hall A at Battersea Power Station, will be adding a limited-edition Field of Dreams inspired cocktail created with Claire Luxton to their menu.

Between 4th – 6th May, on the evening of 9th May and from 10th – 12th May, Field of Dreams’ will be accompanied by Battersea Power Station's ‘Botanical Atelier’, an embroidery pop-up designed by Claire Luxton in partnership with MTArt Agency. Shoppers will be invited to personalise their spring purchases for free with bespoke botanical inspired designs by Claire Luxton, and embroidery designers The Lost Girls and Rosie Brain.

Battersea Power Station’s Spring/Summer fashion season does not stop there. On 9th May, a special Shopping Event will take place between 5pm – 8pm and will have inspiring panel talks with fashion and beauty experts including celebrity hair stylist Paul Edmonds from Battersea Power Station’s Paul Edmonds Hair & Beauty Salon. Shoppers will also be able to enjoy elevated in-store experiences and complimentary refreshments, discounts including 20% off at Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, sampling from brands such as Kiehl’s and Jo Malone London and gift with purchase at certain stores from Hugo Boss to Curated Makers and Venchi.

On the installation, Claire Luxton said:

“Being invited to craft a site-specific public artwork for such an iconic landmark such as Battersea Power Station has been an immense privilege. I hope that the immersive experience will be both magical and transportive for those who can visit.”

Sam Cotton, Head of Asset Management at Battersea Power Station Development Company, said:

“Battersea Power Station has established itself as one of London’s most exciting shopping and leisure destinations since opening in October 2022, and thanks to partnerships with talented artists such as Claire Luxton, we are also becoming a must-visit destination and hub for modern art and culture. The Field of Dreams art installation is absolutely stunning and alongside the Botanical Atelier will add a new element to the visitor experience this spring, which is something we are always striving to offer to ensure we are one of the most experiential shopping destinations in the capital.”

Travelling to Battersea Power Station couldn’t be easier with the Zone 1 Battersea Power Station Underground station bringing the riverside neighbourhood within 15 minutes of the West End and the City. Battersea Power Station also has its very own Uber Boat by Thames Clippers pier and is a 15- minute journey from Embankment, 20 minutes from Blackfriars, 30 minutes from Putney and 40 minutes from Canary Wharf. The riverside neighbourhood is easily accessible by bus, bike, car and train too.

To discover more about the Field of Dreams installation by Claire Luxton, please visit

For more information about Battersea Power Station, please visit and follow @BatterseaPwrStn to keep up to date with the latest news and events.


For media enquiries, please contact:
Battersea Power Station Development Company
T: +44 (0) 20 7062 1870

About Battersea Power Station
The regeneration of Battersea Power Station has created London’s most exciting mixed-used neighbourhood – a place to shop, eat, drink, live, work and play. Welcoming over 11.2 million visitors in 2023 from the local community, London and further afield, visitors can now enjoy over 140 shops, bars, restaurants and unique leisure experiences in and around the iconic Grade II* listed building.

Battersea Power Station is home to a mix of premium, high street and small independent brands such as Apple, ME+EM, ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Boots Beauty, Jigsaw, Levi's, Aesop, Uniqlo, the Battersea Bookshop, and Curated Makers. The riverside neighbourhood also offers a variety of dining options at over 50 cafes, bars and restaurants including Dishoom, BAO, El Pastor, the first tashas in the UK and the 24,000 sq ft Arcade Food Hall, which hosts 13 cuisines from around the world on its menu.

State-of-the-art leisure and entertainment venues at Battersea Power Station include Lift 109, a unique glass elevator experience inside the building’s north west chimney offering 360° views of the London skyline, The Cinema in The Power Station screening all of the latest blockbusters, the home of Ping Pong, Bounce, and So.Shell Nail and Brow Bar. Padel pioneers, Rocket Padel, will also be opening Central London’s first riverside indoor courts to Battersea Power Station later this year.

Battersea Power Station’s annual calendar of free events and cultural activities is extremely popular with visitors, including summer event The Battersea Games, the Light Festival and Glide, London’s only riverside ice rink during the festive period. Establishing itself as a leading experiential destination, visitors can regularly enjoy brand pop-ups, with previous examples including the Aperol Spritz Aperidisco, Jaeger- LeCoultre Golden Ratio Musical Show with TØKIO M¥ERS and the NFL London Experience.

Additionally, with its own Uber Boat by Thames Clippers river bus pier and the Zone 1 Battersea Power Station Underground station on the Northern Line, this central London destination is now easily accessible for all to enjoy.

The restoration of Battersea Power Station is the centrepiece of an ambitious regeneration programme that spans across 42 acres and eight phases on a 450m stretch of the River Thames. When completed, this highly anticipated and innovative project will have created more than 20,000 new jobs, over 4,000 new homes, a new NHS medical facility and 19 acres of public space. Today, more than 2,500 people live at Battersea Power Station and more than 6,500 people work across the estate.

For more information, please visit and follow @BatterseaPwrStn to keep up with the latest news and events.

About Claire Luxton
Claire Luxton is a British contemporary multi-disciplinary artist working with photography, immersive installation and poetry. Luxton started her education focusing on photography, however, she felt constrained by the limits of medium-specificity. At that time, she started shaping her visual language and quickly realised that her preferred source material was her own physicality. Her body became the most appropriate tool to explore emotions, affections and concerns. At the centre of her practice lies her own vulnerability as a way to connect with viewers. By assuming different disguises and utilising self-portraiture as a powerful medium, Luxton deftly engages with multifaceted notions of female identity, earning her recognition as a contemporary artist who, much like Cindy Sherman, skilfully navigates diverse narratives and perspectives.

Often triggered by something she has read, Luxton’s work delves into a variety of histories. Most of her projects start with an extensive research period where she looks for literary, artistic, botanical, animalistic and musical references, as well as exploring colour, texture, and objects.

About MTArt
MTArt Agency was founded in 2015, with two desires: to support the most inspiring artists and to bring art to everyone. Fast forward to today – we are living our vision, representing some of the most talented, forward- thinking artists in the world, working with global organisations and cities, and nurturing our international community of art-lovers and collectors.

As the leading B Corp in the art world, MTArt Agency strives to integrate meaningful visual narratives in the cityscape. For us, art is not a luxury but an essential, and that is why we are passionate about democratising art. We want to live in a world that is inclusive, diverse and fair, which is why we pay our interns, support our artists financially and personally, and dedicate ourselves to promoting and supporting meaningful art. It is through these actions that we became the first UK company in the art sector to have B Corp status – one of our proudest accolades.

Unapologetically bold, creatively unbound, and socially driven, MTArt is where artists become agents of cultural transformation.


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