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KL East Mall’s Sustainable Waste Management Practices Receives Praise from SWCorp Malaysia!
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KL East Mall’s Sustainable Waste Management Practices Receives Praise from SWCorp Malaysia

ARA DAMANSARA, 12 January 2022 - KL East Mall’s waste management practices have caught the eye of SWCorp Malaysia Federal Territories. Just last week, its director, Ummi Kalthum Shuib, paid the mall a visit where she was given a brief and tour of the mall’s Total Waste Management Programme. Puan Ummi was also briefed on the mall’s Recycling Buy-Back Centre, introduced on 14 November to encourage shoppers to recycle their waste and be rewarded.

The organisation shared a short post of its visit to the mall on its Facebook page. SWCorp praised KL East Mall for its sustainable waste management practices in the post and quoted Puan Ummi, who commended the mall for its compliance with Act 672 Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management (Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Solid Waste Management), which had been mandated since the year 2020. She encouraged all commercial and retail businesses to emulate KL East Mall’s efforts and set the mall’s accomplishments as the benchmark for sustainable waste management.

KL East Mall has been running its Total Waste Management Programme since its opening to track waste production, apply and optimise solutions to reduce the impact on the environment and its ecosystems.

The mall’s Operations Assistant Manager, Shahreen Rohizat, said the Total Waste Management Programme involves the separation of waste by its retail and Food & Beverages (“F&B”) tenants. Tenants will separate their waste into three categories – recyclable, bio-organic/food and non-recyclable waste. Waste is then collected door-to-door daily by hired vendors to ensure full compliance by tenants.

All F&B tenants are given a white drum to fill their food waste, which will be collected twice a day on weekdays and three times a day over the weekend and on public holidays. Recyclable and non-recyclable waste collection is managed by a different vendor following the same frequency as food waste collection. Shareen added that the programme also enables the management to ensure that their loading bay and refuse area are kept clean and not foul-smelling.

The mall’s management also keeps its waste collection sustainable and environmentally friendly. They sell recyclable waste and use earnings to pay for the door-to-door waste collection service. They also send food waste for recycling, reducing the amount of food collected at waste collection centres. With the support and teamwork between the KL East Mall team and its tenants, the mall has reduced its waste generation from 80 to 60 tonnes a month.

About KL East Mall
KL East Mall is the first wholly-owned mall by Sime Darby Property. It is a retail and lifestyle boutique mall that fronts KL East, a 153-acre integrated development by Sime Darby Property. The mall spans across four retail floors and was designed as a trendsetting epicentre, boasting attractive opportunities for fashion outlets from all walks of life, businesses specialising in electronics and gadgets as well as home supply stores. The extensive retail offerings are complemented by a wide selection of F&B slots catered for foodies, walk-in diners and lifestyle-oriented shoppers.

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