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To track and monitor operational carbon emissions and to identify and execute tangible and operationally- beneficial methods to reduce carbon emissions.

2020 Reduction Target

Sime Darby Property (SDP) has set itself an area-based and a revenue-based 2020 Carbon Intensity Reduction Target of 5% from our revised carbon intensity baseline of 0.0164 tCO2- e/m2 and 23.04 tCO2- e/RM million of revenue.

Our Approach

SDP has prepared an annual Carbon Footprint Inventory and Report since 2009, where the company has been gathering carbon emission data to establish our baseline and to track our progress in carbon emissions intensity reduction. The focus has been on operational emission sources under the control of the company. In 2013, SDP also sought to identify how the company could execute carbon emissions reduction through the application of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy (RE) by establishing a ‘Carbon Reduction Roadmap’. Improvements mostly through EE have been seen in operations of company assets.

Now that SDP has a clear picture of the key business activities that result in the highest volume of carbon emissions, the company is devising methods and new plans to further reduce our carbon footprint. Our main initiatives will focus on applying best practices in earthworks and in calculating potential carbon sequestration within our business operations.

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