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The objectives of sustainability stakeholder engagement are multiple and include but not limited to:


Focusing & covering on aspects of sustainable lifestyles

Instil awareness

Instil awareness & understanding of environmental impacts

Promote long-term

Promote long-term, balanced sustainable outcomes

Our Approach

YSA (Young Sustainability Ambassadors Programme)

Sustainably resilient township developments can be built by many; however, without an appreciation of how to live sustainably, how do we ensure the next generation will succeed and have the knowledge (software) to guarantee our present effort in a world where resource scarcity is increasing, does not go to waste, resulting in future generation resilience risk.


T.R.E.E Programme (Together in Restoring The Earths Environment)

The T.R.E.E Programme began in 2012 and focused initially on tree planting of Endangered, Rare and Threatened (ERT) Tree Species from the IUCN Red List. The programme is run at select townships developed by SDP and as at the start of 2016, we have covered seven (7) townships, planting 980 ERT Trees (from 22 species) and have engaged about 3,000 residents.

Moving forward the T.R.E.E Programme will be adjusted and broadened to focus on other elements of the environment such as waste management, water quality, ecology and more.

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